Relic 90 is a vision and mindset that is inspired by our past, present, and future heroes. Our brand is a staple for all those who choose to see the world without assumptions and without greed. Society has always made it hard for people to be true individuals, through our company we want to spread the meaning of always being true to yourself and helping others along that journey. In this day and age no matter what you do, one will always be judged no matter what. One is judged by the color of their skin, religion, sex, and salary. The reason we wear the masks is to shatter the notion of preconceived bias, it’s the idea that we are all one and that one can never judge a book by its cover. Relic 90 is here to restore and bring back the good way of thought. Let us see the world with our hearts instead of our eyes, Let us evaluate people on their intentions rather than their income, Let us learn to love ourselves rather than to envy, Let us be true leaders who leave our imprints of self empowerment through every ocean shore, Let us be fearless, Let us be free, Let us be divine.  


"Law of One"